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Access Democracy Statement on the 15th Anniversary of the Help America Vote Act (10/29/2017)


Access Democracy co-founders Hannah Fried and Alexis Prieur L'Heureux issued the following statement to mark the 15th Anniversary of the Help America Vote Act:

"As we mark 15 years since the passage of the Help America Vote Act, it's important not only to reflect on the positive steps states have taken to improve the administration of elections, but also to be reminded that our work here is not done. A great deal has changed in 15 years, but state and local governments still struggle to keep pace with the cost of running effective elections, and too many Americans still struggle to register to vote. Too many unnecessary barriers to voting still exist. While hanging chads are thankfully a thing of the past, many voting machines, paid for with HAVA funds, are now more than 10 years old and at the end of their expected life cycles. We must continue our efforts to fix problems with how elections are run and ensure that every eligible American who wants to vote, can."

Alexis Prieur L'Heureux