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In partnership with Indivisible, Access Democracy launches voting rights guide (12/11/2017)

The right to vote is the foundational principle of our democracy. American heroes like Fannie Lou Hamer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the suffragists fought for every American to have this right. Protecting the vote is more important now than ever, as the Trump administration ramps up efforts to make it harder to vote.  

You can fight back by working to improve access to voting in your community. This guide covers actions you can take right now to change how elections are run, and make voting more accessible for every eligible person in your community. These are steps you can take today — they don’t require your state’s legislature to change any laws, or a court to issue a new ruling.

Together with Indivisible435, Access Democracy launches a guide for fighting for the right to vote on your home turf. Learn more here:

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