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Increasing voter participation by improving how elections are run.


Millions of Americans can’t vote as a result of how elections are run — and just 80,000 votes decided the outcome of the 2016 presidential race. The good news is that registration problems, voting machine breakdowns, long lines and other polling place issues that block access to voting are solvable, if we start now.


Access Democracy's mission is to increase voter participation by improving how elections are run. We’re bringing the energy and data-driven approach that are the hallmarks of modern campaigns to sustained advocacy at the local level.  


Starting with pilot programs in Florida, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Access Democracy pinpoints a community's specific election administration problems; identifies innovative solutions; and partners with allied organizations, and state and local officials, to address resource gaps. And in states where the local officials who run elections are elected, we'll build on our direct advocacy by supporting pro-voter candidates who want to expand access to voting.