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Protecting the right and the ability to vote.


The problem

Millions of Americans can't access the democratic process because of solvable problems in how elections are run — and just 80,000 voters decided the outcome of the 2016 presidential race.

These problems aren't felt equally across communities — voters of color are 6x more likely than white voters to wait longer than an hour to vote, even in the same town.

  • long lines

  • registration problems 

  • inaccessible polling locations

  • voting machine breakdowns

  • photo ids

the landscape

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Voting rights issues are getting fought out in the courts, and local and national advocacy organizations challenge state legislators who try to pass regressive voting laws. Grassroots organizations register and turn out voters before every election.


But the millions of Americans who can't vote tell us there's more to do. 

the solution

Access Democracy is working to fix it. And we need you.